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Having had many requests for cruelty free collars I researched the market and realised that the choices were very limited. Ethically made vegan dog collars are often made from heavy rubbers, hemp webbing or perhaps traditional cottons and other fabrics. We use a cruelty free faux leather which we hand make into wonderful and funky designs. We sew on charms, trinkets, beads and also have designs using the faux leather itself as a decoration.

We also have a wonderful range of dog accessories such as bandanas and keyrings made of faux leather. Our Faux Leather is made of a synthetic microfiber material specifically designed and used as an animal-friendly leather substitute. It can be hand washed or wiped with a damp cloth to clean. This higher quality synthetic leather has a much more realistic look and feel and is now available in many vibrant colours This lightweight fabric is tightly woven from a very fine thread. Microfiber fabric is breathable and naturally water repellent due to its construction process.

Our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum and where possible, we use packaging materials that are made from recycled paper and compostable padded bags made from recycled materials. We recycle all our waste and try to use only recycled hard-wear on our products where possible.

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